Wednesday, November 5


This morning i work in the tourism field near my apartment. We need 30 minutes to that place. In that place i saw a foreign people which work in that place. Although he came from foreign country, his Japanese very good. I am astonished. I think he had live here a long time ago. After that i am thinking, i must study too, to improve my Japanese. Pray and support for me, my friend. My reflection today took from Daniel 1. This chapter told about Daniel which gave a knowledge and skill to serve in the king`s place. As Daniel which have integrity of God in his life, we must have that integrity too. Daniel always rely on God what ever he do. He believe that nothing impossible with God. Daniel possess a faith, he always ask all thing to God when make decision. How do you and me too. Did we ask God firstly when we make a plan, do something, and every thing in our life? Make our life with peace of God. God Bless Us.
The LORD is my shepherd

Tuesday, November 4


My reflection today took from Mark 14 : 43-52. This chapter told about Mark which had fled from Gethsemane when Jesus be caught by Army. It is very easy to criticize some one. We can tell all things about some one fault, make problem solve, and order some to do what we say. But if we accept criticism from some one, maybe firstly we will reject it without thing that criticism. Differ from Mark,he criticized other apostle although they are his senior. But he did not criticized them only, he criticized himself. When Jesus be caught in Gethsemane, All apostle had ran, also Mark too, he had fled from Gethsemane naked. Mark is honest to himself. He criticized all apostle which fled from Gethsemane, but he criticized himself why he had to fled too. As Christian, will we accept criticism from other people? It is true, there are some kind of criticism, constructive criticism and destructive criticism. But the important thing is we must ready if some one give criticism for us. Thinking it firstly without rejected. God Bless Us.

Honesty meaning that being prepared to acknowledge the truth and the good mistake to the other person and to himself

Monday, November 3



Hide me now, under Your wings
Cover me with in Your mighty hands

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father You are King over the flood
I will be still and know Your are Lord

Find rest my soul in Christ alone
Know His power in quietness and trust

Fear of One

My reflection took from 1 John 2 : 28 - 3:10. This chapter told about fear to make mistake. Yes, as a children of the God, we may not do a ineptitude things. We must be careful in act. All people look us and apprise our behavior. Our responsibility is become a righteous person and become a Jesus reflection. Our attitude , action, thought, and utterance must be answerable to God.

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not
(1 John 3 : 1)

Message Bearer

My reflection today took from Romans 10 : 9-15. This chapter told about Paul as a message bearer. As a christian, we live in this world to be a children of the light and shine people which life in the darkness. If people out of there did not know anything else about Jesus as A Savior, that is be our responsibility now to tell them the truth. Do not let people life without a truth direction. We must care to them. Jesus want us to do it and be message bearer as Paul and announce all things about truth way which only have in Jesus. We can do it in a various means. You can directly tell to people who need this announcement, you can use network like me, you can write a book and publicize it in all media. It is a lot of way to do it. The important point is you have to do it now. God Bless Us.

Friday, October 31

Leaded by God

This morning temperature out of my apartment was zero degree. Although this month are autumn , the temperature are very cold. But I have to go to do my job in my company in the cold temperature. I used 3 sheet of blouse to reduce that cold.

My reflection today took from Numbers 9 : 15-23. This chapter told about Israel that leaded by God in the desert. Every one known about compass. It can lead us when we are miss the way. Lately, People used GPS (Global Positioning System) to lead every one where ever we are. That tool can make our activity become simple. Now we are not scare if we go to some place although we do not know the way. And how about Child of God like you and me. Are there GPS of God that lead us every day in our life? Are we scare when we are in the unknown place with different characteristic? If we believe with God way, and we want to be leaded by God, we will not go with wrong way. We have to keep the God words in our life, keep relationship with God every day and read a Bible more and more to known what Jesus want to do in our life. Do not be scare if Jesus near us. God Bless Us.

Thursday, October 30

Wrong Way

Today my reflection took from Exodus 3 : 1-6. The chapter told about Moses that called by God. Moses is a shepherd. When he done his work, he went to the wrong way/street. He went to A God Mountain. He meat God in the desert. As Moses, Henri Dunant went to Paris to meet Napoleon. But because napoleon was not there, he meat Napoleon in the battle field , Italy which not his purpose firstly. He took the wrong way. But in that journey, he known everything about the battle in Italy. Because of that he built red cross to help people in battle field. He built it because he felt, he might to help all people.

Now, we are as Jesus follower, are there anything else in our wrong way which we are be called by God to serve His in this life? Maybe in this life we had all plan or schedule that must be do. That is all right, but if we do some things , out of our schedule, we have not to be panic or frightened. We have to do all things in this life because as Jesus follower where ever we go, Jesus are near us and we certain Bless by God. Amen.